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ClearScript TribalRx Solutions

ClearScript provides pharmacy benefit management solutions tailored to the unique needs of Tribal organizations, communities and Native American owned businesses. Our TribalRx pharmacy services are designed to optimize your organization's financial performance, deliver exceptional health outcomes for your members, and bring you total organizational health. We have experience serving members of Tribal and Elder Groups and understand the Native American healthcare delivery system and the complexity of Tribal programs. Our services include a nationwide pharmacy network, state-of-the-art claims processing, and hands on, care-driven optimization unmatched by our competitors. We respect the value of Tribal sovereignty and self-governance, and are sensitive to issues of cultural diversity. As part of a non-profit health system, we are a mission-driven organization rooted in values of care, service, and community. Contact us at 866-718-2845 to learn more about PBM solutions for your Native American Organization.

44 Interactive

At 44 Interactive, we pride ourselves on operating with a start-to-finish, hands-on partnership with our clients, managing all things related to their web presence, all the while adhering to their overall strategy and budget. We specialize in websites that WORK. Our commitment to our clients, not only addresses design needs that will resolve current shortcomings with their overall look, layout and delivery of information, but also provide custom CMS tools and solutions which allow the website to become more than just a digital brochure. Now more than ever, websites are the hub of information and all forms of communication. To effectively communicate, and obtain the desired action and outcome, a site needs to be thoroughly researched and thought out so all the front-end and back-end needs are accounted for. Click here for more information as to how we can assist in your online presence.

JamesDugan Casino Marketing

At JamesDugan Casino Marketing, we know marketing, we know the gaming industry and we know how to help your business grow. We're a full service marketing, advertising and business strategy firm located in Sioux Falls, SD. Our services include marketing and business strategy solutions, research, complete video/audio production, web design and development, social media/digital marketing, graphic design, branding, merchandising, public relations, media procurement/placement services and others. Our experienced, talented team and our commitment to our clients' success set us apart as a very nimble and responsive agency, able to react to market conditions quickly, keeping our clients on the front end of market changes. Click here to learn more how we can effectively market your Casino.

Arrowhead Consulting Group

Arrowhead Consulting Group is comprised of interim staffing and casino industry experts with 30-plus years of casino experience. Our team of consultants and trainers specialize in a no-nonsense business approach that will maximize efficiencies while increasing your casino revenues. At Arrowhead Consulting Group we can talk the talk, because we HAVE walked the walk. Simply put, we understand your business, because we’ve been in your shoes. Our team consists of former casino executive management as well as finance, business owners and human resource specialists. Our approach is simple… we focus on your operation and provide solutions for identified segments to improve efficiencies, while enhancing your guests experience. Click here to learn how ACG can increase revenues for your Casino.


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