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Indian Advocacy Associations

National Congress of American Indians

NCAI was established in 1944 in response to the termination and assimilation policies the US government forced upon tribal governments in contradiction of their treaty rights and status as sovereign nations. To this day, protecting these inherent and legal rights remains the primary focus of NCAI. Click here for more information.

NCAI Mission

  • Protect and enhance treaty and sovereign rights.

  • Secure our traditional laws, cultures, and ways of life for our descendants.

  • Promote a common understanding of the rightful place of tribes in the family of American governments.

  • Improve the quality of life for Native communities and peoples.


United South and Eastern Tribes

United South and Eastern Tribes, Inc. is dedicated to enhancing the development of Indian Tribes, to improving the capabilities of Tribal governments, and assisting the member Tribes and their governments in dealing effectively with public policy issues and in serving the broad needs of Indian people. Click here for more information.

National Indian Education Association

The National Indian Education Association (NIEA) was incorporated on August 21, 1970 (File number 1646) in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The original signatures of the incorporation papers were of Rosemary Christensen, Elgie Raymond and Will Antell. Rosemary Christensen and Gordon J. Amundson filed papers for incorporation. Click here for more information.

Great Lakes Intertribal Counsel

The Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Council, Inc. (GLITC) will support member tribes in expanding self-determination efforts by providing services and assistance. GLITC will use a broad range of knowledge and experience to advocate for the improvement and unity of tribal governments, communities, and individuals. Throughout these activities, GLITC will maintain deep respect for tribal sovereignty and reservation community values. Click here for more information.



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